Sunday, 2 March 2014

You're the voice. . . try and understand it . . .

One of the finest voices Australia has ever produced has been the unparalleled John Farnham.

Of his many hits, my ultimate favourite is his anthem-like You're The Voice.

It appeals to the voice in me that needs to speak up, if not for myself and my generation, then at least for myself and my peoples in the different contexts that I work, live and play in (cultural, social, political, economic, not to mention the fusion or confusion between all of these) as well as the perceived contexts or voices that people assume or think that I should be because I get told, "You're the Voice Manu".

We're all someone's daughter, we're all someone's son
How long must we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?

The music video shows scenes of news bulletins about war, of soldiers and military personnel in action.  What seems to be the insurmountable loss of human life, the countless casualties and what I can only imagine when I think about war and the atrocities that are committed because it isn't part of my own personally lived experience as a first-hand encounter - and it seems both unfathomable and tragic all at once.

Musically, I love the Scottish bagpipes during the instrumental interlude, backed by the synthesiser with harmonies over the top.  It reminds me of William Wallace and marching bands, people struggling to maintain their way of life.  I imagine the bagpipe melodies wafting across the rolling hills and wonder if they have served as messengers of impending doom or imminent victory.

In order to be a voice, I need to understand what my voice is, what my voice is trying to say, who my audience is and where my voice should be heard.  The idea that everyone has a voice and thinking about the best way to use it may seem like a given.  But most of the time we can become self-saboteurs, practise self-censorship and lack the confidence or capacity to find a voice from within, let alone use it.  We can often worry that our voice isn't "good enough". Who decides that?

On the flip side, your voice might need to be heard where it's "not wanted" but yet if you don't speak up in those contexts, then those contexts will forever perpetuate the stereotypes or racial microaggressions that bombard us.  If it's something that you strongly believe in and believe should be heard by everyone in the world - go for it.  I mean isn't that what blogs are for anyway?

Thank you for reading my blog.  I've just reached over 6000 pageviews since I started writing in November last year.

You're the voice try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear. . .