Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wait till you see my smile . . .

The thing about really well-written songs is the ability for such songs to move you.

I've talked before about how when the elements of music combine in a way that "speaks" to you when words alone without music fails (no offence to spoken word poets - I'm a musician!), but there are times when instrumental music alone can move you just as much, if not more - so it works from whichever side you stand on really.

Wait till you see my smile by Alicia Keys appeals to my music memory and musicality of the 80s with the accented piano accompaniment in the introduction, just before the synthesiser bass amps up and then the treble patterns hit on the synthesiser.  Of course when the drums kick in (no pun attended, well maybe a little with that kick reference) to help urge that driving rhythm forward.
When the wind is blowing in your face
Sometimes in life you don't see straight
(Pray to Him, He will show)
When your head is in a certain place
Nobody around to make you safe
(Stand strong and you will grow)

Wait till you see my smile talks about how people can often enjoy your misery or pain (mainly because they're wearing their "hater pants" most of the time - especially if it's a staple part of their wardrobe, or they enjoy drinking that "haterade" all the time - which is sad because that's high in sugar even though drinking it has the opposite effect and does not produce sweetness in nature).
Don't they love to see you down
Kick you while you are on the ground
Don't let emotions show
People always speculate
Don't let it get in your way
See they say things they don't know

It's very easy for people to kick you when you're on the ground (can your face get any closer to the ground I wonder?).  But when you start to pick yourself up off the ground and have the courage to face what gets thrown at you - they're not expecting that.  You start to develop an immunity to things being thrown at you, most likely you've become adept at holding all of the balls in the air, those balls of expectation, obligation and even misdirection.  But that one time you stand strong and start to grow, you can start throwing those balls back to those who should have handled those balls on their own. (Handling their own balls?  You know what I mean).

And when people start to mill around you, hoping that what you've got, starts to rub off on them, bear this in mind:
So you're doing better now
Everybody comes around
But you don't really need 'em
'Cause you're stronger and you're better
And you're ready for whatever
You are stronger and you're a better person.  Not better than other people - because that's what people who want to be "like you" or try to ruin who you are and represent - tend to think.  And that's quite tragic really.

When you're ready for whatever
I can't wait till you see my smile, because I can't wait till they see your smile.