Thursday, 20 March 2014

I wish I was a sharp knife . . .

At Parihaka during a break in the conference proceedings of the ACE Aotearoa Professional Learning Hui/Fono 2014,  a reference was made about "sharpening knives".  This reference may mean different things to different people as there are connotations that may be misread by others (personal jokes aye +Analiese Robertson) - but I wanted to talk about knives in the context of Third Eye Blind's Sharp Knife.  

Time tick tick ticks after me
My mp3 is out of juice
I wrote a song for you but what's the use
How did we get knocked so loose, knocked so loose

Someone I swore I'd never be
Who trades his dreams for security
Walks this city blindly
Lately it's a little hard for me to see
Lately it's a little hard for me to believe

What you need is a sharp knife so
To come back down from an all time low 
Seems like I'm not the only one
I wish I was a sharp knife

Swing that blade right through my life
Careful, you could hurt someone
I wish I was a sharp knife
A sharp knife 
To cut

A shiv
A shiv
A shiv
A shiv

I love the driving rhythm of the song, the energy that allows you to sustain some semblance of anger, which leads to the adrenaline pumping (not to the hate and the cycle that Yoda talks about).

I mean, what spurs you into action - what drives you?
What makes you angry enough to "sharpen your own knives"?
What if your knife is dull - isn't it time to sharpen it then?
What about those of us who constantly sharpen our knives and then completely miss out on the effectiveness of sharp knives, cos it can get a little dull after a while (no pun intended) when you're always on edge.

Or are you a panther waiting to pounce (don't poke me with your sharp knife or I'll eat it).
I mean you could be angry cos you've given up your dreams to "fit in" and go the safe route.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's ok to be angry once in a while but like the last part of the song says - you swing it throughout your life, but avoid hurting people with your sharp knife - it's there for protection not to attack people with!  The lead vocal talks about being hurt, but hey cuts can heal too.

In any case, keep your knives sharp but your eyes and ears sharper - so you can detect people trying to swing their own blades, in their own lives - or you just might end up getting hurting by accident.