Thursday, 27 March 2014

Another door closes . . . I hope you feel the window opening

I don't know if you've noticed, but I like songs that speak to the human condition and attach themselves easily to moments in your life, as songs can sometimes articulate with sound what words alone fail to do.  Another door closes by Jont has a beautiful duet between guitar and piano in the instrumental introduction, just before the lyrics creep in:

So if another door closes
I hope you see the window opening
As people suffering all the time
Don't waste your days life slips away
Like butter from a knife

And if you had a good day my sis
Make sure you raise your back, give your wife a kiss
The secret species x and lines
Stolen from nests time after time 

Oh.... can't you see we're all crashing, in slow mo
Holding to this wheel we know
What's the use, don't want to be sleeping too long
Why can't we try to fly ourselves back to an old skin
Making do is no way to live
What's the use, we're only here
Then we're gone, gone, gone

I believe in the beauty of tragedy.  It is only through experiencing pain or loss that you gain the most learning - if not about the situation - then at least about yourself.  The lyrics in the chorus convey a sense of futility, of regrets, that we don't want to sleep too long because maybe if we sleep we dream of things that we can no longer have or try to avoid dreaming about.  Flying ourselves back to an old skin as we know is impossible, because the new skin you're in is a sign of the change that you've been through maybe as a result of some tragedy or loss that you can't control.  And the thing about crashing in slow mo?  You can see yourself heading for that crash in slow mo, and the crash is inevitable.  Yet we can't settle for anything less, because life is too short and our time on Earth is fleeting - and this begs the question - what is the best use of your time on Earth and what is the legacy that you leave behind?  (see previous post Visions of a sunset for more about legacy).

In the next verse, the drums join in and add a bit more drive and a sense of urgency.  As the new skin continues to be "lived in" there is still further change that happens, and that is in the interactions with people.  I feel that the musical shift here is more dramatic when the involvement of the female appears on the scene.

So turn up your collar up to some wickedness 
And fudge the lines between the crimes
You've been taught to miss
As ancient ladies baking bread
Bent underneath this pyramid
And all of these things that you and her have never said

And when the time comes that you and her must kiss
Well if you miss her mouth and screw it up a bit
You can impress her when you say
"Darling each and every day.... life slips away"
Like butter from a knife. . .

So what's the secret to life?

So if another door closes
I hope you feel the window opening
There's people hurrying down the lines
Don't waste a day life slips away 
Like butter from a knife

Like moving through a series of houses, the new skins that you continue to make your own home in, don't waste time not living the life you were destined to live.  Only YOU can live your best life.  You owe it to yourself to control the knife that the butter slips away from.