Friday, 21 February 2014

There will be an answer. . . let it be . . .

Originally written in a difficult time of Paul's life when the other band members were quite content in domestic bliss, he was having trouble sleeping and his mother appeared to him in a dream with those three little words.  No, not "I love you" but "Let it be".

The simple chordal accompaniment on the piano provides a solid and constant presence in the song. In the official music video, the way that Paul looks at the camera, at his audience shows a deep connection with the song; he does what singer/songwriter/musicians do when they perform their own music and conveys their musicality and musicianship skills. This appeals to me because I often think about the piano being a solid and constant presence in my own life.  (Funny how a decision made at age 11 can affect the direction in which your life takes).

Ringo tapping on the hi-hat helps to maintain that steady tempo, a comforting heartbeat that reassures you with that familiar sense of calm and stability.  George's harmonies over the hammond organ kicks in during the chorus and the way in which layers are lightly produced as the instrumentation increases at a gradual pace is nothing short of artful.

Sometimes in life when you question why things have turned out the way you have (definitely not by your grand design anyway) and we start playing that blame game.  It's a bit like being signed up for membership of a club that you didn't ask for (i.e. widow's club for example - no registration fee required for this one and yet lifetime membership is guaranteed).

As we go through a situation or scenario that can test our limits as a human being and even during that situation it may feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel (or nobody responds to your cries for help or hears you for that matter), we can't afford to focus on the negativity that could give rise to the overwhelming sense of futility or hopelessness, refuse to give up.

I think that when you struggle to know how to be - let it be.
It is good to meditate, be more aware of the stillness in your life and refocus on a goal to achieve.
For circumstances beyond our control and to avoid unnecessary heartache, frustration and fruitless angst, focus on what you can do.  Faith will do the rest.

There will be an answer - let it be.