Friday, 3 January 2014

Aw man....... I've been tagged LOL

I've been tagged in a blogging meme by my online friend +Sonya Van Schaijik.

The blogging task includes:
* Acknowledge the nominating blogger
* Share 11 random facts about yourself
* Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you
* List 11 bloggers
* Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer, and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated.  Don't nominate a blogger who has nominated you.

1. I learned to play the trumpet when I started high school only because we had a church brass band
2. I passed Grade 8 Trumpet when I was 17 (even after my trumpet teacher had quit teaching me)
3. I was supposed to study "performance trumpet" at university but didn't think there were any other Pacific Island trumpeters I could hang out with
4. After my music degree, I was supposed to study "performance voice" (soprano) at university but didn't think there were any other Pacific Island sopranos I could hang out with
5. I learned how to play piano when I was 13 and started teaching piano when I was 16 - last year marked 20 years of piano teaching :-)
6. My first ever job was as a piano teacher, even though I was desperate to work in a supermarket like my peers at the time #fearofmissingout
7. I can mimic accents from different countries and I used these accents when I worked part time at a call centre one year for the NZ Election and NZ Census phone line service
8. I can wiggle my ears #handsfree
9. I once emailed Helen Clark (NZ Prime Minister at the time) from Fiji in 2008 and that same year when I met her, I asked her if she had received my email - and she replied "Yes I received your email". My whole life changed from that one conversation :-)
10.  I always have conversations with taxi drivers and find out where they are from - and then we talk about their country's music (but not when the taxi is full because too many conversations at once can distract the taxi driver)
11. I am currently in my first year (provisional year) as a PhD candidate but never really learned how to drive a car #postdoctoraltask

1. What language do you use when you become emotional?
Depending on the emotion - but if I'm angry - then it's definitely Samoan, as it's my first language.  Even though I was born in NZ, my first language that I learned was Samoan.  Actually come to think of it - for all emotions - it's Samoan, as it is the essence of who I am.
2. What is your favourite movie genre?
Depending on the mood I'm in...... I think I like independent films/quirky films/film festival type movies.
3. Who inspired you to set up your blog?
+Anthony Faitaua helped me to set up my blog, but I think +Togi Lemanu and other friends who were already blogging inspired me, because they were sharing their voices.
4. Who are your mentors and why?
Depending on the context I'm in as I have many mentors - including my parents and brothers (immediate family) for reminding why I do what I do, my late husband who kept me sane and grounded and loved me unconditionally and my masters' supervisors - Dr. Trevor Thwaites and Associate Professor Greg Booth who believed in me and my academic voice - and still do, that's why they're my PhD supervisors :-)
5. What is one survival tool you would choose to take on a journey and why?
I would probably take a Bible as my compass as it has really cool stories that I can read on the journey. I would also take a Samoan hymnbook to sing from to keep my spirits up to survive.
6. Where do you like to go for thinking time?
Because of lack of privacy and time to travel - I go to the happy place in my mind and think about what I need to mull over and digest or solve
7. Which do you prefer - watching on the television or live streaming?
I'm a TV person.  Live streaming can get frustrating at times with its unpredictability.
8. List x3 goals for 2014 and explain why you chose them
i) Look after my health because nobody else can do it for me
ii) Start my PhD because nobody else can write it for me and
iii) Continue to make memories with people worth remembering
9. Tell me about your closest mountain, river or other natural landmark
Western Springs Park (or Western Springs Lakeside Park if you want to call it that) is a wildlife sanctuary surrounding a natural spring-fed lake, one of Auckland early water supplies.  The park is surrounded by a cluster of major nearby attractions included the Auckland Zoo, Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT), the Chamberlain Golf Park Course and the Western Springs Stadium.  #aucklandcitycouncil
10. What is your earliest childhood memory?
I think wandering around the church while the service is on and being given lollies by Fuimaono Taala Konesane, the founding member of the EFKS church in NZ.  
11. Write your favourite whakatauki, quote or proverb and explain why you chose it.
My favourite whakatauki is the one I have put in my pepeha: 
E koekoe te tui, e ketekete te kākā, e kūkū te kererū - the tui chatters, the parrot gabbles and the wood pigeon coos. Because my name means 'bird' in Māori, I wanted a whakatauki that reflected the different personalities or traits of different manu.  I need to be knowledgeable like a tui, I need to be able to divert and distract like a parrot and I need to be able to calm down a potential conflict or situation with words.  My favourite quote is the one I made up in 8. (iii) and my favourite proverb is from the New Testament: Romans 8:31 to remind me who my ultimate boss is.  I also like ole ala ile pule ole tautua - the pathway to leadership is through service - I will always serve my Pasifika communities around the world in whatever capacity my strengths and skills can be used.  

I will tag the 11 bloggers and include their 11 questions in the next blog post :-)