Saturday, 21 December 2013

She's just a girl and she's on fire...

Continuing the theme of sisterhood (and quite timely too with the presence of the stunningly talented Ms. Keys currently on tour in the southern hemisphere) "Girl on Fire" with its message of empowerment for women has multiple layers.

I love the song for so many reasons.  As a songwriter it appeals to my penchant for multiple meanings, word play, word painting, to provide the audience with a picture, moving images in the mind, a story that people can connect with.  Lyrics are important in a song, because as much as you can find expression in the many genres of instrumental music, there is something intimate about using music as a vehicle to "say" something that may not necessarily have the same impact just said aloud.

I love the fact that this female empowerment anthem highlights the duality of women.  The song boldly announces the fierce determination of women, how they can be staunch and gutsy (totally unfeminine characteristics so we've been lead to believe), publicly seen as being no-nonsense, don't-waste-my-time, confident women while at the same privately, women shoulder their own private pain and tragedies.

So how can a girl get to be on fire?  The circumstances that surround private pain and tragedies ignites that "flame that's in her eyes" and people can "watch her when she's lighting up the night".  You can only develop one's own fire, or transform yourself to be on fire based on experiences or situations that will lead you there.  There is the sense that passion and determination to succeed will put a girl on fire, and the loneliness conjures images of coldness and isolation, the opposite of being on fire.

Calling all women out there, enjoy being on fire and don't be afraid to revel in it.
People will watch you and see flames in your eyes, and they will admire you for what you do, how you work and the impact that your fire will have on the world.  In our times of coldness and isolation, (and we will have many moments like this), be prepared to set yourselves aflame again (when you are ready of course) and your fire can either warm others around you in their times of coldness and isolation, or you will inspire others to be on fire and spread like wildfire.

There are too many people out there who spend far too much time trying to put out other people's fires rather than spending time building their own fire.

Just don't put out other people's fires.  Start your own.