Tuesday, 5 November 2013


A passionate unionist is the inspiration behind this next post.

The word "manumission" stems from the ancient Roman practice of "freeing slaves from bondage", making slaves "freedmen" (and this brings back fond memories of what was then junior Latin classes and senior Classical Studies classes with a teacher who focused on "life lessons" in all academic lessons).

The significance for me is probably what seems to be an expedition or journey to free my thoughts and ideas from bondage, to consider as many alternative viewpoints as possible to come to a conclusion that can benefit people for the greater good.  As an adult I can sit back and reflect that this has become my ManuMission.

This is a very difficult and somewhat lofty goal, too big to possibly be achieved in one's own lifetime, so in my brief life experience so far, reflecting on what experiences I have had that can inform your manumission (or emancipation of the mind really) we can create a LIST.

We must surround ourselves with people with like minds who will help to nurture your goals and help create pathways to bring it to fruition.  If you're currently in a group of people who don't nurture any goals for the greater good, it might pay to take a step back and reconsider being attached to those particular minds.

Take those goals and share it with as many people who would benefit from it.  Share it with people who you even think could help ensure there will be a clear pathway to generating small successes.

Life happens and will bring about obstacles, or people will become obstacles so alternative strategies need to be employed.  A healthy, positive mindset (hard to maintain people, yes, I can see some shaking of heads from here) is the only way to stay motivated.  Going to your "happy place" to snap out of a natural funk, rut, plateau, whatever way the road goes, can displace you from achieving the goals.  Learning that the word "no" - despite how small the word is may be a big barrier to achieving those goals, is pretty much like the pause button on an old VCR - it affects the picture quality for a little while and it looks a bit shaky, but I'd rather have a slow yes than a fast no any day.

Whatever your manumission is in your life, feel free to share.
It takes the best of us a long time to refrain from knocking back people's ideas.  I have learned and continue to learn about being open to hear arguments first, to listen and observe, before coming to a conclusion.  The beauty of people is that they can have different opinions, because those opinions are shaped by the sum total of their lived experiences, what they have learned, value and believe and how they can influence others with their opinions.

The ManuMission continues...