Monday, 25 November 2013

Try again. . .

One of the greatest hip hop/r'n'b female artists of my generation was Aaliyah.  Her life taken in her prime was a devastating blow to the music world, while on location for a video shoot for her last single "Rock the boat".

One of my favourite songs, "Try Again", in particular with the hook (it's the catchy part of the song that makes it memorable) has the lyrics in the chorus "dust yourself off and try again, dust yourself off and try again, try again".  These words resonate with me around the concept of resilience.  When life deals you a hand that seems like you've lost the round or you've backed yourself into a corner, there is always a way out.  All Black legend, Sir John Kirwan and his "hold onto hope" campaign, raising awareness for depression is a prime example of resilience.

6. Resilience (e.g. Reacts to situations with purpose and dialogue).
Gifted Pasifika students are continually being supported to react to situations that have failed outcomes, to continue to persevere and show great determination.  Rather than wallow in self-pity, Pasifika students see setbacks as opportunities to aim for even higher and achieve to their personal best so that they are able to react more positively in any given situation. (Faaea-Semeatu, 2011).

In my relatively short life experience (thus far), I have been dealt some heavy blows, and been in situations where I thought - gees, can't see myself rising above this one!
But I'm reminded of the values that I have had the fortune to have been raised with (and continue to practise) because it has contributed to the makeup of who I am today.

I have always held the belief that whoever and wherever we are in our lives, that we are meant to be the best of who we can be.  Ambassadors of our ethnic groups, champions of our cultures and leaders of our nations.  How we interact with others dictates whether we are can move forward together with a shared vision and overcome any obstacles to achieve success as a collective.

So wherever you happen to be in your life right now, if you're struggling, don't wallow in self-pity.  Own your emotions and get on with making positive contributions in your world.

Dust yourself off and try again, dust yourself and try again, try again....