Wednesday, 20 November 2013

"Do They Know It's Christmas?"

I'm a huge fan of the classic crooner Andy Williams.  Famous for hits such as "Moon River" and "Music to watch girls by", it's his Christmas classic "It's the most wonderful time of the year" that has been bouncing around in my head (and being secretly envious of the studio audience on Ellen's talk show every time that song comes on, has NOTHING to do with it).  The media frenzy of Christmas advertising is now upon us and it reminds me of other Christmas songs that have been successful and have made impact world wide.

The 80s was quite famous for epic collaborative charity songs such as "Do They Know It's Christmas" by Band Aid (1984) and "We Are The World" by USA for Africa (1985).  The impact of these songs in highlighting the dire situations faced by countries suffering from severe famine, hunger, malnutrition and disease brought on by poverty was phenomenal.  To me it shows the power of people working together to use their musical talents to raise awareness of a situation that needs global attention and requires people to value relationships with their fellow man.

Relationships are a key cultural identifier for gifted Pasifika students.

5. Relationships (e.g. Uses talents to promote relationships).
Pasifika parents encourage their children to use their talents to foster positive relationships with other gifted Pasifika students.  Once Pasifika students are actively engaged in using their talents of music, sports, academic achievement, social experience, they are able to create events for themselves which will showcase these abilities. (Faaea-Semeatu, 2011).

Band Aid and USA for Africa used the musical talents and popularity of high profile musicians/recording artists to raise money for charity.  Live Aid was an event that they created to showcase their talents once again to raise more money for the cause.  Both songs were re-released with a revised or new collection of recording artists.  It made me think about what some modern day collaborative efforts that we know about........ (still thinking.....could just be because it's past my bedtime in NZ.....)

When I see the title "Do They Know It's Christmas?" it rings of a challenge, a call to arms to the world asking,

"How will you ensure that other people less fortunate than you - know it's Christmas too?"    

It will be my first Christmas without my husband this year.  He loved Christmas and spending time with family.  However you choose to spend your Christmas, it would be nice to do one selfless thing for someone else.  Just to make sure that everyone knows it's Christmas.